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IMGSRC Site Review

If you’re looking for a free photo-sharing site based in Russia, then IMGSRC is the website for you. While you can upload your photos, you’ll have to make sure that you’re not posting images that can be used for child exploitation purposes.

IMGSRC is a free photo-sharing website based in Russia

In its heyday IMGSRC, an image sharing service based in Russia, was a nifty little site, capable of churning out the latest and greatest in picture quality and upload times. As of the writing of this article, it has about 637,000 users and over 38 million pictures, which is a lot for a nebulous entity. Moreover, the site boasts the most sophisticated image encoding technology, which is a plus for a nation with the highest terrorism rate in the world.

It is perhaps not surprising, then, that a number of IMGSRC’s ilk have been caught in the snoopiest of all the snoops. For instance, in March of 2013, a group of Russian officials cited iMGSRC in a scathing letter as the source of a plethora of child exploitations, and in doing so, they also pointed the finger at Homeland Security Investigations Cyber Crime Center, a U.S. based outfit that has been investigating the problem in recent years. Interestingly, IMGSRC itself has only one official representative at present, although a second is on the way in the form of a Russian lawyer.

It received a child exploitation referral regarding the images posted in the albums of “dirtyoldman71”

Yandex, Russia’s largest technology company, is making it easier to access child sexual content, and it appears to be having a detrimental effect around the world. According to a report from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 29 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation were reported in 2021. This includes 84.9 million images of child pornography.

The Russian government has clamped down on internet companies, and Yandex is a prime example. Its market cap is over $14 billion, and it is Russia’s fifth most popular search engine. However, it does not have the necessary tools to filter illicit content, and it seems to be acting as an onramp for those who want to engage in child pornography.

Defendant William Miller was arrested and convicted of distributing child pornography. He was sentenced to 12 1/2 years in federal prison. His guilty plea was based on pictures of child pornography that he attached to email messages.

During the trial, the defendant admitted to viewing the IMGSRC website. But he denied downloading or trading images of child pornography. In addition, he denied knowing that his YAHOO email address was associated with the IMGSRC site.

Investigators believe that the images found in the search warrant were posted on a website used for trading child pornography. A website that the defendant believed was password-protected.

It is a free photo-sharing website based in Russia

The photo sharing website is one of Russia’s many social networking destinations. Although it may not be the largest, it is certainly the most popular. It boasts an impressive 637,000 members, and a whopping 38 million photographs as of 2014. As far as social networking goes, the site is akin to Facebook or MySpace. However, unlike Facebook and MySpace, it is a free to use service. IMGSRC allows its users to upload photos of just about anything, ranging from pets to politicians. Nevertheless, a number of pedophiles have made a home on the site, leaving their mark on the site’s user count and its reputation. This has prompted the aforementioned National Crime Agency to closely monitor the site. Despite the fact that IMGSRC is the tiniest photo sharing service out there, its users are not immune to the perils of the digital age.

IMGSRC is no doubt the site to see, but it also is the site to avoid. Fortunately, there are other sites in the same vein. One of the best is, which offers a more streamlined service. Besides the photo sharing service, the company also provides a number of other services such as music streaming and video downloads.

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