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Humpchies Site Review

If you’re looking to find a Canadian girl to get laid with, Humpchies is definitely worth checking out. This site is aimed at the Quebec region in Canada and is particularly useful for those who live there.

It’s a pretty basic website with a sparse menu bar and a few simple tabs to the right of their logo. There are connections to all of Quebec’s major towns and cities.

It’s a website from Canada for Canada

Humpchies is a website that specializes in connecting you with escorts in Quebec. It features links to all of the major cities and towns in the province including Campbellton, Charny, Granby and Kirkland.

It has a sparse menu bar that includes the option to choose between Escorts, Escort Agencies, Erotic Massages and Parlors Massage. These categories are pretty self explanatory but you can get a more detailed look at what’s on offer from the site by clicking on the logo in the top right corner.

The site is focused on local engagement, so you’ll find that the text is written in French on its homepage and that the main content area is devoted to a profusion of adverts. These come thick and fast – there are hundreds of regular listings here, each of which can be clicked on without needing to sign up for a membership.

However, the site does tend to be a bit hit and miss when it comes to information on its girls. Many of the ads will include a few pictures but not all of them will post prices, so you’ll need to be careful if you want to know more about a girl before booking her.

It’s easy to use

The website itself is extremely easy to use. It has a clean, professional-looking logo and simple tabs on the right side of the page to navigate.

The main content area of the homepage is devoted to showing you the latest advertisements, and let’s just say that they come thick and fast! Hundreds of regular listings are shown here, and you can click on any of them without an account to get full info on the ladies featured within the adverts.

Humpchies also allows you to look at girls based on a number of metrics and sexual activities, which is a nice feature. You can see if they’re interested in anal sex, MILF escorts or Asians – practically every palate and interest is catered to here.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent escort site and is worth a look for anyone who wants to try something new. However, some girls on the site don’t post prices or have much info – this can make it difficult to choose.

It’s safe

As one of the biggest escort websites online, Humpchies has a wide variety of sex girls from different cities. This makes it a great place for adult men to spend their time watching fun videos with hot girls.

Moreover, Humpchies offers members the opportunity to feel safe because they have a team of moderators that rates movies and comments on all the content. This way, men and women can have a safe and enjoyable experience without worrying about the safety of their personal information.

When you land on the site’s homepage, you’ll see that it focuses on local languages – most of the text is in French, though there’s an ‘English’ option at the top. The main content area is devoted to showing you the latest ads and these come thick and fast, with hundreds of regular listings. You can click on any of them to get full details on the ladies contained within them, without having to enter a membership account.

It’s affordable

Humpchies is one of the largest adult portals on the web. It offers hot escorts from all over the world. The website has an impressive user interface and powerful search algorithms, which allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

The site is also focused on local languages. It’s basically a French-only site, but they do have an English language option on the homepage. The main content area on the homepage is dedicated to showing you the latest ads, and they come in thick and fast!

The site also has a pretty cool logo, which combines the best of professional and fun. The logo is a clever rendering of a lowercase letter “h” that adds two heads to the top and bottom of the first line, making it look like two stick figures fucking doggystyle! They also have a few basic tabs on their home page. The menu features categories for Escorts, Erotic Massages, and Parlors Massage.

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