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5 review Site Review

Normally, it would be hard to review a website that is so unpopular with a lot of people. This is especially true in the case of sites like But we’ve managed to find some pretty good reasons to be a fan of the site. Here are a few of them.

Norm isn’t a political leader

Norm McDonald is a devout Christian and has spoken out on many issues, including his faith. He also is known for savage jokes that criticize the left and OJ. The only problem is that Norm’s humor doesn’t work with the strident woke cancel culture. However, he still makes a living and is one of the most popular comedians in the world. Fortunately for Norm, he isn’t a political leader.

One of the reasons why Norm’s comedy works is because he is not politically correct. Unlike many other comedians, Norm doesn’t like to play games with his audience. For instance, he doesn’t think homosexuality is funny. Moreover, he is a staunch supporter of the First Amendment and universal health care. As a result, he has no problem discussing issues that are important to him, even if they aren’t easy to talk about. Ultimately, Norm isn’t a leftist, but he does have a sly, deep tongue buried in cheek.

Norm isn’t a religious leader

While Norm is not a religious leader, he is a devout Christian and has voiced his religious beliefs often. He believes in a message of tolerance and respect. Those who think he is a far-right wing extremist are wrong. McDonald supports the First Amendment, universal health care, and believes that all people are good. His political views are not controversial, and he makes jokes that he thinks are funny.

When a person claims that Norm is a left wing extremist, they are usually referring to the fact that he has made savage jokes at the expense of OJ. But it is important to understand that Norm is not a left wing extremist. In fact, he is a conservative, and he is a devout Christian.

The people who are trying to claim that Norm is a left wing anti-sjw zealot are probably far-right people who are trying to justify their politics through ridicule. However, there is no truth in their claims. Unlike the far-right wing, the left-wing are not toxic or dangerous.

Norm isn’t a business leader

Norm McDonald is a Canadian comedian, devout Christian, and a staunch opponent of political correctness. He’s always made jokes about important topics and talked about what he thought was important, when it wasn’t easy. Most people don’t see Norm as a right-wing conservative. This is because he’s not a right-wing conservative. His fans make excuses for him, claiming he’s just a normal guy who has a funny way of talking. But, he’s never been an idiot, and his jokes aren’t biased.

What is most annoying about Norm McDonald is his hypocrisy. He thinks homosexuality is laughable, and he thinks political correctness is ruining comedy. However, he’s not a political leader, and he’s not a right-winger. And yet, he’s still a victim of cancel culture.

Cancel culture is a leftist thing, and humor doesn’t work with it. A lot of people who are woke and puritanical can’t see past their own politics. Norm McDonald isn’t the only victim of this phenomenon.

Norm isn’t a celebrity

Norm McDonald is a devout Christian, a comedian, and a conservative. However, he is also a victim of cancel culture. Many fans of his work make the mistake of blaming Norm for his differences. They are wrong. His comedy and savage jokes about the left, OJ, and the like have helped him become a beloved figure in the comedy community. Moreover, he has been vocal about his religious beliefs. He even argues that he is not right wing.

In addition, he does not think that homosexuality is funny, and that the First Amendment should protect the free speech of all Americans. He also believes that political correctness is ruining the comedy community. These are important points to remember when you are trying to decide whether to follow Norm’s career. It is not worth following him if you are a fan of the left. Besides, his opinions are not the only ones that matter. Rather, it is his willingness to discuss these subjects that makes him a great comedian.

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