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Harem Hotel

4 review Site Review – Harem Hotel

What is Harem Hotel?

Harem Hotel is a fetish-friendly visual novel made by Runey. It is a dating sim that features kinks and fetishes in a hotel setting.

In Harem Hotel, you play a guy who inherited his grandfather’s all-girl hotel. In addition to owning and operating this hotel, you must train eight beautiful female staff members (Lin, Kali, Ashley, Maria, Autumn, Felicity & Emma) in order to grow the business and build friendships with them.

This simulation game focuses on adult dating and is played on a smartphone or tablet device. It has 3D graphics and a storyline.

The game is free to download and can be played offline, without ads. You can also save your gameplay on empty slots and resume where you left off later.

Harem Hotel is a fun and sexy dating simulator that features hundreds of fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes, an array of stats, traits, outfits, and upgrades to buy and unlock, dozens of hours of content, over 980 unique events, over 28,300 HD images and way, way more to come.

What are the kinks and fetishes in Harem Hotel?

Kinks and fetishes can be a great way to have fun, but they can also be confusing and intimidating. That’s why it’s important to know what they are so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Voyeurism is a kink in which you watch someone else while naked or engaged in sexual activity without their consent. It’s often seen in hentai and can be found in erotica.

Ecouteurism is a similar kink in which you listen to someone have sex without their consent. This kink can be dangerous if the person you’re listening to isn’t consensual, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Degradation is another kink in which you like to be abused, sometimes in sex. It’s especially common with domination and submission, but not everyone is into it.

Cuckolding is another kink in which you watch or hear about your partner having sex with other people. This kink is often seen in BDSM and can be an excellent way to humiliate your partner.

What kind of girls can you corrupt in Harem Hotel?

Harem Hotel is a new reality show in which contestants compete against each other to win the affections of their master. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from six or more contestants.

The cast of girls in Harem Hotel includes a variety of different fetishes and kinks. There are religious girls, naive girls, and girls that are extremely sexually desirable.

Some of the girls that you can corrupt include Kali and her sister Lucia, Emma & Felicity, Autumn, Maria, Ashley, and an Android that your grandfather built (which can be given any name).

Each girl has a laundry list of kinks and fetishes that you can experience during their time in the hotel. These include BDSM, breast expansion/reduction, tsundere and yandere, masochism, and more!

Is Harem Hotel worth subscribing to on Patreon?

Harem Hotel is a point-and-click adventure mixed with a dating sim. It features standard 3D art, mediocre writing, and a full harem of girls for you to corrupt.

The premise is simple: you’ve inherited the hotel where 8 beautiful women stay. Upgrade your hotel, build friendships with the girls, follow their stories, and train them!

While this game is free to play, you can support the dev by subscribing to their Patreon. This will allow them to continue adding more content on the regular, including new fetishes and kinks!

One of the things that you should be aware of before subscribing to a Patreon is that most devs will advertise their Patreon page on their websites and in-game. This will make it easier to find this site and see what rewards they have for you to get involved with.

While Harem Hotel is a decent enough dating sim, it’s not really something worth subscribing to on Patreon unless you’re a fan of the sweet and bubbly art style that makes up most of this game. It’s also a shame that the game’s actual sex animations are so stiff, making them seem even more childish than they already are.

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