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NewGrounds Adult Games

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Site Review –

If you’re looking for a website where you can find fun and original flash animations, games and videos then you might want to check out, a site that has been around for over 20 years and is one of the largest Flash sites online.

Founded by Tom Fulp, the site is a popular destination for both casual and serious Flash artists. While most content falls on the silliest side, there’s also a “Drama” section for more serious works.

Founded by Tom Fulp

Newgrounds was founded by Tom Fulp, who was an unassuming teenager looking for a way to share his computer games and animations with others. Almost by accident, Tom created the site that would become arguably the Internet’s preeminent community of game designers, artists and musicians.

Before YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were even around, Newgrounds hosted tens of thousands of movies, games and art produced by thousands of creators. Some of which received hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions, of views.

A huge part of Newgrounds’ success was its ability to host Flash files, making it easy for budding game developers and animators to upload their home-made SWF-style games. In 2000, the site upgraded and became the first automated flash portal allowing anyone to submit their Flash creations to the website, with community features like message boards and chat rooms being added.

The site was hit hard by the rise of social media, with user-generated content becoming increasingly popular as a means of advertising, but it still remains a valuable source of entertainment for many people. The site has a variety of categories for users to choose from, and the homepage also lists featured submissions.

Featured content

Newgrounds is a platform for a wide range of media, including games, movies, and music. It also features content from its users.

Newgrounds does not allow users to post their content without a valid account, nor does it permit spam or other forms of inappropriate content. If a user posts content that violates the site’s policies, they may be banned from the site.

Featured content on the site review is selected by staff members, who determine which content meets the site’s standards for quality. It can be a good way to get noticed and increase the amount of views your content receives.

Aside from featuring content on the site review, there are also online awards and honors for users whose submissions qualify. Some of these are awarded by staff, while others are given out to users based on a set of criteria.

Newgrounds uses a rating system to determine whether or not an art, audio, movie, or game submission is appropriate for the site. If the rating of a submission is incorrect, it will be flagged and reviewed by moderators.

Rating system

Newgrounds has a rating system that is based on the ESRB’s ratings for movies, games, audio, art and blog posts. The site has several different categories and the age-ranges range from E (Everyone) to M (Mature) depending on whether the content is intended for kids or adults.

The site is not for children under the age of 17 and has a wide range of mature subject matter, including violent graphics and sexual content. It also hosts a variety of games that are controversial, such as Kaboom! and Oklahoma City Escapades.

During the early aughts, Newgrounds had millions of views a month off of Flash animations and games uploaded by its community. But as other sites started to take up more of the bandwidth available to households and school computers, the popularity of Newgrounds began to decline.

The site’s rating system has become a big issue as users systematically vote 0 on submissions to reduce their scores, often in an attempt to improve their own ratings. This practice is called ‘zero bombing’ and has a negative effect on both artists and perusers as most of the good projects go unseen.


The Newgrounds community is a large and vibrant one with many different forums. These forums include topics like game dev, art and music.

The site also features a chat system, which allows users to interact with each other via a live video chat feature. However, this feature is only available for registered members who have validated their accounts.

Another important feature of the site is its Community portal, which includes many forums and a communication system called Private Messaging (PM). This feature allows users to communicate with other members in an uncivilized manner but up to certain restrictions to avoid harassment or bullying.

It is difficult to say what will happen in the future to the Newgrounds community, but preserving their legacy of Flash games is no small undertaking. It is a challenge that will require the collaborative efforts of multiple organizations. The success of this collaboration may be the key to sustaining these communities after Flash is no longer an option for gaming.

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